Our Bulk Feed Bins

We manufacture bins from 4-50 tonne capacity suitable for all applications

All Spirofeed Bins Incorporate the Following Features:

Hinged Roof Cap: The roof entry is used for inspection and for auger filling when this method is necessary, and can be adjusted to give a ventilation gap if required

No Waste Space In Roof: The pitch is set at optimum to allow maximum load.

Heavy Gauge Panel: Plain heavy gauge panel sheet gives immense strength to panels and their vertical shape and bolting avoids lodging points which can occur with horizontal panels. They are well lapped and double-caulked for a complete seal.

Large Diameter Pipes: Inlet pipe is 4” diameter and outlet pipe is 6” diameter

Robust and Trouble Free: Roof, body and hopper are made from heavily galvanised steel sheet, and legs are of full galvanized formed channel or angle section.

Maximum Flow of Discharge: Spirofeed design features ensure that feed flows freely at discharge. First, hopper walls are set at the most effective flow angle, and panels lap snugly to avoid trapping. Secondly the auger box is made wider than the hopper box to give a “breakaway” action to feed as it enters the box.

Easy to Clean: The auger box is secured to the hopper at a height of 3’ from the ground and is easily removed for cleaning.

Simple Control of Discharge: Outlet slides are fitted as standard to shut off discharge when cleaning the auger box or to control output for barrow loading.

Clear access for Barrow Loading.

Long legs to suit diet feeder filling available.

Auger systems for diet feeder filling available.

Grant approved painted bins available.

Our Auger Feed Systems

• 41/2” Diameter auger means less breakage of nuts etc.
• Constructed of heavy gauge galvanised steel for long life.
• Geared chain driven corner units for smooth effective operation
• Large diameter auger can handle wet feeding for pigs.

For further information please call us on 022-21803 or Email spirofeed@outlook.com